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Rachel Maddow's Jewish Russian immigrant grandfather worked in early USAF (Air Force) atomic aerospace; in addition, her converted (crypto) Christian dad was a USAF weapons systems contract lawyer/intelligence agent/congressional liaison, with top gun weapons makers producers (U.S. Air Force, 1967-1972: contracts, military justice, other such classified aerospace/defense legal/intel agency work), taking after his own father.

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Rachel Maddow's grandfather worked in early USAF (Air Force) atomic aerospace; her dad was a USAF weapons systems contract lawyer/intelligence agent/congressional liaison, with top gun weapons makers producers (U.S. Air Force, 1967-1972: contracts, military justice, other legal work). Both men worked on programs involving USAF and commercial weapons of mass destruction infrastructure.

Rachel Maddow's father is currently a top water lawyer for Sacramento and LA, where water politics is more dynamic and duplicitous than oil politics. He started his career in an Air Force intelligence agency, as a contract lawyer for nuclear arms and missle and satellite development and proprietary rights. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia, although he converted out of Judaism to hide his roots. Many of today's weapons of mass destruction & nukes and delivery systems have been developed by General Electric, GE owns/owned NBC television & media, and Rachel's father for sure has had at least several friends in GE and NBC at executive levels given his legal authority. ENTER: Rachel at MSNBC. She wrote a pro Israel essay in high school which won a big Israel essay competition when she was young and was thus invited there. Her Russian immigrant Jewish grandfather was one of the first staff members with the nuclear bomb program of General Dynamics, even before her own father's involvement with AF weapons of mass destruction. Deception runs in the family blood & training and profession, just like mole Mossad family dynasties.

Robert Maddow--Rachel's dad-- says in the following lengthy transcript about his life and work: https://archive.org/stream/watersupplyrights00maddrich/watersupplyrights00maddrich_djvu.txt

ďPrimarily. The last couple of years that we were there, she really struggled with the asthma, to the point where there were 
times when she really had trouble breathing, had to take 
injections of adrenaline. She had to learn to inject herself at 
one point; my father, of course, would also be able to do it. 
She was really struggling from a health perspective . 
My father was working back in the aerospace industry we 
didn t call it that in those days; the airplane industry in those 
days. He was working at a company called Grand Central, which 
was doing instrument work on jet bombers for the U.S. Air Force, 
and so all these great big bombers called B-47s would come into 
the Tucson Municipal Airport, which is where Grand Central had 
. its location. It was right across the street from the place I 
went to school. My father would work on their instrumentation. 
But in 1953 in the summer, we went out to San Diego for a 
vacation, and my mother really enjoyed and thrived being in that 
beach weather, and -so they began immediately starting to try and 
figure a way to make the move, and my father began to look into 
job opportunities. My mother at this time was working at Hughes 
Aircraft. One thing led to another, and my father was able to 
line up a job at Convair in San Diego, which was a big defense 
And so we moved to San Diego in 1954, and a few months later 
moved to a community called Pacific Beach, which is just north of 
the Mission Bay area, just southÖ

Now is a good time to reflect on the very current breakdown and problems with Oroville Dam in California,
and the lack of funds going back for a couple of decades for its upkeepÖ

MORE QUOTES from Rachel Maddow's dad:

"...in these days it was called General Atomics. It was another part of the General Dynamics family. And they had what they called a high explosives testing facility, HEX. General Atomics, among other things, I think, built something that had to do with nuclear weapons I mean, because General Dynamics, Conyair Astronautics and whatever all the companies were called, they built intercontinental ballistic missiles. And this one part of the company, I think, did something with regard to the fuses or something, and they blew things up. They had these weird cameras where they could take an enormous number of frames of film in the fraction of a second between the time when the fuse would ignite the explosive. I never knew what it all was, but it was some kind of fancy testing stuff. [...] I got assigned to work in the office that wrote and administered the annual contract with an air force-sponsored think tank called the Aerospace Corporation. Now, the model for Aerospace was the Rand Corporation, which was the first of this sort of government-sponsored defense-oriented think tank, only Aerospace had a much more clearly defined mission. Rand was for strategic thinking and that kind of thing, and policy analysis. Aerospace was, to use the jargon of those days , the general systems engineer and technical director of the entire air force missiles and space program, with the exception of the part that dealt with warheads . That work was done by TRW Corporation. They were like the architects of missiles and space program. Aerospace had a unique contract that got special congressional attention every year, and my job was to work on some aspects of preparation for the congressional presentations"

p28 and p37-38 @ https://web.archive.org/web/20170223144050/http://www.archive.org/stream/watersupplyrights00maddrich/watersupplyrights00maddrich_djvu.txt
ALSO available at https://archive.org/stream/watersupplyrights00maddrich/watersupplyrights00maddrich_djvu.txt

ROBERT B. MADDOW, Rachel's Maddowís dad

Robert Maddow, a partner, changed jobs and joined the firm in 1993. Before joining the firm he was General Counsel for East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland, California, for nine years, and was an attorney for EBMUD for twelve years prior. He has extensive experience in all phases of the legal work necessary to establish, govern, operate, and maintain a publicly owned water utility to supply municipal and industrial water. Mr. Maddow has also worked on a wide variety of water supply issues related to surface water, groundwater, and recycled water used for irrigation, for both public and private clients. His areas of concentration have included water rights, water supply and quality, wastewater and recycled water, capital improvements programs and projects, real property acquisition and ownership, governmental organization and operation, environmental law, public finance, rates and charges, and customer services regulations.

REAL PROGRESSIVES: James Petras, Ralph Nader, Paul Craig Roberts, William Engdahl, John Pilger, Peter Dale Scott, Bryan Adrian, Dennis Kucinich

NOT REAL PROGRESSIVES: Rachel Maddow; Tulsi Gabbard; Elizabeth Warren; Yanis Varoufakis; Barack Obama;

GOLD and the Chinese & Punahou School [K-12] in Hawaii and intel agents trained from the cradle....


Chinese say to ISRAEL, "Liquify Me!!"

Founded in 1993 and backed by prominent partners and investors such as the China Development Bank and Clal Industries, Infinity Group has a solid reputation as a leading platform for fund management with an impressive track record for sharing the added value of know-how and technology cooperation which has resulted in notable exits from companies such as Galileo, Saifun, Shopping.com, ShellCase, Scitex Vision, Digital China and Oberon Media, among others. Infinity Group has also made successful investments in tens of leading Chinese companies including WLCSP, I-China Security, United Water, Yaían technology, Anxin Security, THT, China Medicine, Jiupai Pharmaceutical, Xinbai Pharmaceutical, Harbin 1st Tool and Ningbo Eston Technology. Infinity is considered the worldís leading cross-border, Chinese focused management group with over 1.5 billion USD under management through 23 funds in China. Infinity focuses on creating mutually beneficial relationships that combine ingenuity in a wide variety of industries with the Chinese business acumen and its fast growing market. Infinity manages and invests in advanced Chinese-Israeli-North American companies seeking to enhance their existing business activities in China. Infinity looks for Chinese operational enterprises that display well established entrepreneurial, sales and production skills, and which are seeking cutting-edge technology and knowhow. The management team, located in China, Israel and the U.S., consists of talented and globally connected professionals who have extensive experience in investment, management, private equity, venture capital and incubation. Our team leverages its knowledge, connections, network and support to assist our partners and portfolio companies in seizing new opportunities for substantial growth.



Major Kabbalah Cults in Girona, border of Catalonia & Provencal region, during time of Eleanor of Aquataine and the 1st and 2nd Crusades to Antioch and the Holy Land

Pre-Mingrealian MEDEA was niece of Minoan Queen PasiphaŽ, victims of Hebraized Jason & the Argonauts, all circumsized according to their Jasonic tribal customs.

PasiphaŽ, like her niece Medea, was a mistress of magical herbal healing arts & from Mingrelia/Abhkazia (Georgia). The Bibliotheke records the fidelity charm she placed upon Minos, who would ejaculate serpents and scorpions, killing any unlawful concubine; but Procris, with a protective herb, lay with Minos with impunity. In mainland Greece, PasiphaŽ was worshipped as an oracular goddess at Thalamae, one of the original koine of Sparta. The geographer Pausanias describes the shrine as small, situated near a clear stream, and flanked by bronze statues of Helios and PasiphaŽ. His account also equates PasiphaŽ with Ino and the lunar goddess Selene.

Cicero writes in De Natura Deorum that the Spartan ephors would sleep at the shrine of PasiphaŽ, seeking prophetic dreams to aid them in governance. According to Plutarch, Spartan society twice underwent major upheavals sparked by ephors' dreams at the shrine during the Hellenistic era. In one case, an ephor dreamed that some of his colleagues' chairs were removed from the agora, and that a voice called out "this is better for Sparta"; inspired by this, King Cleomenes acted to consolidate royal power. Again during the reign of King Agis, several ephors brought the people into revolt with oracles from PasiphaŽ's shrine promising remission of debts and redistribution of land.

PasiphaŽ origins were from Georgian Colchis, she was given in marriage to King Minos of Crete (Minoan culture), and her son Asterion, who was strangely named by Minoan enemies, the Minotaur, a myth which obsessed even Picasso! Strange that the world through historians believes Greeks were somehow deeply involved in all of this, scribes paid by the victors to smear the defeated!!

PasiphaŽ was the daughter of Helios, the Titan god of the sun, and Perse, of the Oceanids. Like her doublet Europa, her origins were in the East, in her case at Colchis; she was the sister of Circe, AeŽtes and Perses, and she was given in marriage to King Minos of Crete. With Minos, she was the mother of Acacallis, Ariadne, Androgeus, Glaucus, Deucalion, Phaedra, Xenodice, and Catreus. She was also the mother of "starlike" Asterion, called by the Greeks the Minotaur.

Rediscovered history of rise of Monotheism in Egypt & Israel on parallel timeline paths

Rebbe rocky writes: Actually, from my own reading, the history of both Egypt and Israel are very sketchy and spotty with myths and "historical text writing of the conquerors over the vanquished". Moses grew up in Egypt, many say about the time of Amenhotep's reign. Moses direct linear descendants were Solomon and David, both killer warriors and practitioners of witchcraft/occult arts. Akhenaten was the successor of Amenhotep, and he elevated the same kind of MONOTHEISM for the first time in Egypt as did David and his bullies in Judah/Palestine, and he also practiced magic. Saul was a kind of good guy, as were lots of the other Jewish Semitic tribes, particularly the Philistines. David and fellow Jew Saul had a very very troubled relationship. Somehow Saul was told by David's Witch of Endor he would die because God fell out of favor with Saul and now was keen only on David. This was very convenient for the aggressive, and ambitious to a fault, David. At this time there were many Jewish tribes, and Saul's tribe and the Canaanites and the Samaritans, seemed to many to be pretty good folk by one and all, except by David's commando cult Monotheists. David wiped nearly all of the other Jewish tribes out if they did not want to be absorbed into his Kingdom, and the Zion Hebrew belief today of Monotheism and that ONLY the Jews were Chosen by God, has continued since this bloody era with many Jewish tribes as victims to David. Egyptian history seems to have taken a bad turn also around this very same time, towards Absolutism and War, after the Monotheism of Akhenaten too, which is parallel to this same timeline development in Judah with David's killer elite and his cult zealots.

It would be a very different world today if these nice Jewish tribes had been the winners. Let us hope these more "kind and gentle" Jewish tribe descendants, along with descendants of the ancient Minoans and Colchis, and Atlanteans, have a chance to reemerge due to all the down time of the planet due to Cov19 shutdowns!